"And now gentlemen; the first time on stage this evening, from Czechoslovakia please welcome .  . . .Sasha."Glancing casually toward the stage my eyes are suddenly wide open as a  beautiful blonde girl walks up three short steps to the glass dance stage.Wearing a long black, one-piece dress, black high-heeled shoes and a diamond necklace round her slender neck, Sasha starts to dance.  She walks forward swinging her arms then steps backwards bending toward the crowd, spinning and turning to one side then the other.  Her movements are so sensuous, so tuned to the music.  Swinging her head from side to side her silken hair fans out then settles on her shoulders.I find myself staring at the most captivating female I've seen for years mesmerized by her fluid movements.  The drink in my hand is halfway to my mouth; I cannot move, my arm is frozen.  I'm in a deep trance under her controlling spell."Mike, --- Mike ---- hey, Mike!"  The words are called from my friends Tony and Fred, sitting on either side of me but I do not hear them.  All I can see, all I can experience is the enjoyment of this magnificent dancer.  Sasha lets her dress fall from her shoulders and it slides to the floor exposing her beautiful body clad only in black lace bra, panties and diamonds.As the music changes she briefly stops dancing and I begin to move to the edge of the stage.  I hold forward a twenty-dollar bill as she bends down, sits on her heels in front of me and places her head near to mine.  She is inches away from my face and although my urges are telling me to speak, I am powerless.Those eyes, those lips, such brilliant teeth.  If God created the perfect female, this was she."Thank you."  She smiles back, and brushes her hair from her face."No - - - thank you!"  I reply as she takes the note from my hand deliberately touching my fingers.  As I continue to stare into the most incredible eyes I've ever seen, she grins, stands and backs away.  I stand beside the stage as she retrieves her dress then walks down the steps onto the main dance floor.  She looks over her shoulder and eye contact is held for a few seconds too long, those few seconds that exchange a recognition of interest."Ask her for a table-dance," I hear Tony speaking to me from our table a few feet away.  He's leaning back with his feet on the seat in front of him slowly clapping his hands together, a big grin across his black face.  I walk back to our table.  "Did you see her?  Isn't she the most beautiful girl you've ever seen?" We are at Bourbon Street Circus; my first experience of a topless dance bar in the US.  Leaning back, laughing over their beers, Tony and Fred, my US colleagues look so different to a few hours earlier when the three us had raided a Crack-House on Van Buren street and wrestled with six Columbian 'heavies'.  My eyes follow Sasha round the tables and watch her perform for several guys.   Did she just look in my direction?  Did she smile?   My gaze follows her around the floor.  How exquisite she is; how perfect, how absolutely gorgeous. Several other dancers come to our table and Fred and Tony ask some of them to dance ---- I though only have eyes for Sasha . . .  Tony is talking to me when we are interrupted."Would you like me to dance for you?"  I turn round and see Sasha standing in front of me.  She rests one hand on my shoulder. -- I didn't even see her approach ."Yes, err, yes please." I stumble over my words.She smiles then smoothes her hair back across one shoulder with her left hand.  Her skin is so clear, so smooth and so incredibly perfect. The music continues as I sit back staring at an aberration of beauty slowly gyrating in front of me.  She places both hands on my shoulders and as she leans forward, her hair falls around each side of her face like a cascading waterfall of silk.  I'm captivated by it all, her slim tight waist, wonderful soft skin, exquisite long proportioned legs and magnificent butt.  Her darling beautiful face has the complexion of a porcelain doll."Shall I dance again?" she says as the music changes and it is time to -- 'switch around'."Oooh, yes please!" I reply, and lose myself in ecstasy as she starts her slow sensuous movements in front of me once again.  I am on a different plane, no longer here with two guys for a beer and a laugh. I'm alone in a private world, just me . . . with Sasha dancing for me."Hey Mike! -- Mike." Fred punches my arm bringing me out of my dream.  He leans across -- "She's danced for you six times already," he whispers,  "How many more are you going to have?" He smiles back at Tony."All night," I reply a bit too loud and Sasha laughs bending down and trailing her hair across my face.  It feels and smells so good!"Where are you from?" I ask as my voice returns.  Her head comes into close contact with mine and I accidentally catch a few strands of her hair in my mouth."Prague, Czechoslovakia -- And you?   Hey, don't eat me."  She laughs as she pulls her hair back over her shoulder."I'm sorry,  . . . London - England."  I fidget in my seat.. "On business?" she queries bringing her head close to mine again."Yes, for a few weeks - then back to Europe.  My mouth is an inch from her ear.  "Tell me, do you dance here every night?"  I shuffle in my seat as she brushes her leg against mine and an electric tingle traces upwards from my knee through my crotch to my head.."Most nights," she replies resting both hands on my arms and leaning over me.  --  "I'm studying at the University and the dancing pays my tuition."The music changes again and Fred and Tony interrupt, reminding me of our early morning time schedule as they stand to leave.  I stand and face Sasha, we are the same height -- I look at her lips.  How I want to reach forward and kiss them . . . I can't remember the last time I kissed a beautiful woman. "I must go now," I hold both her forearms in my hands as Tony and Fred empty their glasses and turn towards the exit. -- "I hope to see you again soon."Sasha smiles then tilts her head to one side.   "What's your name?""Mike, er Michael."She smiles, then repeats it . . . "Michael . . . "  Another few seconds of gaze into each other's eyes again just a little too long. -- More is transmitted than - "See you again!""I'll be back tomorrow." I softly say."Yes . . .  I'll be here."  She smiles parting her lips.  The bright spotlights reflect off her sparkling teeth.As we leave the bar I look back over my shoulder and see Sasha starting to dance at another table near the bar.  She sees me looking and winks."Come on lover-boy." Fred grips my arm then questions Tony, "What were our plans for tomorrow night? 'cause I think we'd better cancel them and bring Mike back here!"   "Sounds good to me.  I'll come here as often as you like," Tony laughs in reply, "but it depends on the Brownsville guys.  If we get word in the next few hours we'll be down in Mexico!"  He makes a reference to our pending assignment with the DEA officers in south Texas.As we drive back to the hotel I bite on my thumbnail thinking of the beautiful person I've just left.  In bed I lay staring at the dark ceiling wondering if the experience was real, could anyone be so perfect? At five o'clock next morning the dreaded call from Brownsville arrives.  I dress, retrieve my combat pack and meet Tony and Fred in the hotel lobby. Ten minutes later a plain black Buick arrives at the hotel and we are driven to Scottsdale airport.  It's cool and a recent shower has left puddles on the tarmac.  We board a DEA Cesner and take off flying south to our rendezvous south of the Mexican border.I look from the airplane window.  Above is the brilliant blue sky while below a thunderstorm dances flashing lights around the white and black clouds.  The scene reminds me in a way of Bourbon Street. -- The clouds are reminiscent of the smoke pumped onto the stage and the crazy white, yellow and blue lightening is very much like the flashing stage lights.  I doze staring into the sky, then suddenly Sasha appears dancing for me alone . . . When I wake up after my flight, I feel surprisingly refreshed.A smile forms on my face and I think to myself:          "Thanks Sasha!"
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